Covid vacination proof for non-Moroccans

Non-Moroccan residents usually have a vaccination certificate/passport from their home country.
This is often digital. It can currently not be read / scanned by the Moroccan authorities.
So we advise you to bring as much proof as possible that you have been vaccinated (both digitally and on paper)
There is no restriction whatsoever for vaccinated persons to enter and move about in Morocco.
The rules for unvaccinated people change regularly.
Contact us to get latest rules about this.

General questions

At what time can we check in/check out?

Check in is possible from 15.00 o' clock.

The Boardx house doesn’t have a hotel lobby that is open 24/7.  After booking we ask to send your estimated time off arrival at kristof@boardxhouse. Like that our housekeeper will be at the house when you arrive.

If you have a delay and you will arrive later then the estimated time we  advise to send text/phonecall to our housekeeper. Like that he knows you are on the way and he will be there at your arrival for the checkin. You will receive his number after booking.
If we don’t receive answer on this, there is a chance there won’t be anyone at the house when you arrive

Check out is at 11.00 o' clock.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Regular annulation policy

*Up to 4 months before arrival date: 80% cash refund
*Between 4 months and 4 weeks before arrival date: 50% cash refund
*Less than 4 weeks before arrival date: no refund.

Covid related annulation policy

Reasons for Covid annulation
*There is proof of annulation of flights due to Covid
*Watersports are not allowed in Imsouane
*Borders are closed:borders to leave country of departure or boder to enter Morocco
*Borders between different regions in Morocco are closed so you cant travel to Imsouane.

*Up to 4 months before arrival date: full refund.
*Between 4 months and 4 weeks before arrival date: 50% cash refund or 100% voucher refund.
*Less than 4 weeks before arrival date: 100% voucher refund

Can we stay with more than 8 people in one apartment?

No, for insurance and safety reasons we can not allow more than 8 people in one apartment.

Do I need to bring towels and/or bedcovers?

You should bring your own towels to the BoardXHouse. All beds are with quilt and covers.

Is there an internet connection in the BoardXHouse?

There is wifi connection in the house.
With normal use of data (e-mail, social media, ...) you will have enough data for the whole period of your stay.

How about the weather?

Morocco is known for its good weather throughout the whole year.
Because of the south-facing terrace surrounded by glass you can even lie in short / bikini in winter months.
In winter it cools down in the evening. Long trousers and warm sweater / thin coat are recommended.
Nights can be cold in the winter so we advise warm sleeping clothes during this period.

Do I need an international passport?

To enter Morocco you might need a valid international passport. Check with your local embassy.

How about the local culture and mosques?

In the harbor there is a small mosque. Don’t change clothes/wetsuit in front of it.

Is there an ATM in Imsouane?

There is no ATM/cash machine in the village. You will have to bring cash money from a big city or go to the ATM in Tamanar or Tamri. We advise to change your money in bigger cities to enjoy better rates. People from Imsouane will have to travel far to change Euro to Dirham, so they prefer Dirham.

Are pets (dogs, cats,...) allowed in the house?

No animals are allowed in the Boardx House.

Also not on the terrace or pool area.

Surf related questions

Can we rent wetsuits/surfboards

There are several places where you can rent surfboards and wetsuits in Imsouane. Prices vary from 70 to 100 euro/week.  The most shops let you change boards during the weeking if you want to try different types. High end brands (firewire, Hayden, Lost, Libtech,...) are not available in the shops but you can find PU shortboards as well.

Can we get surf lessons?

We offer surf lessons in cooperation with the local surf school.
Price is 20 euros / lesson from 1.45 hours.
Board and wetsuit are included in the price and can be used throughout the day (so also before and after class). It is best to let us you want to take surf lessons before arrival. This way we inform the surf school  that you are coming and they can already plan this in advance.

Which wetsuit do I need?

In summer you can surf in board shorts,but when the wind picks up, a shorty wetsuit can be a better choice. 

From April to september, shorty wetsuit or 2/2 suit is usually sufficient during the day.

In winter months (October to February) we advise a  3/2 wetsuit  for most weahter conditions.
For Surfers who are often cold, we recommend a 4/3 wetsuit for sunrise / sunset sessions. After sunrise a 4/3 will be to hot for most surfers and a 3/2 suit will be sufficient.

Do I need reefbooties?

On good days the wave is so incredibly long that you will take the walk back to the peak instead of peddling. When tide is coming in, you will have to walk some parts on rocks. So if you’re not used to walking barefoot on rocks, we advise you to bring reefbooties!

Food and drinks

Can we order breakfast/ diner?

In Imsouane there are several cozy, tasty and inexpensive restaurants. They are all located within walking distance of the house so it is very easy to go for a meal. This way you can enjoy the local food.

We aslo offer half board / breakfast for our guests (for miminum 4 people/minimum 4 days). Especially large groups and families with children find it comfortable to eat in the house. Breakfast / dinner is freshly made by our staff and served at the apartment.

Keep in mind that the food will be typical Moroccan
Price: half board 20 euro / day, breakfast 7 euro / day. If breakfast / dinner is desired, it has to be ordered at least 1 week before arrival.

Are there any supermarkets in the neighbourhood?

There are several very small shops in Imsouane where you can buy local and basic food like fruit, vegetables, bread, water, soft drinks, candy. If you want European brands, you should buy them in a big supermarket in Agadir, Essaouira or Marrakech.  If you booked airport transfer with us our taxidrivers can make a stop at the supermarkets so you can do shopping for the majority of your stay. This extra stip is 5 euro charge.

Can I drink water from the tap?

Don’t drink water from the tap. Use bottled water even to make tea. Morocco is a country in lack of water. Please take short showers. The hot water is also limited because we use solar energy.

Can I buy alcohol in Imsouane?

Everywhere in Morocco alcohol is quiet expensive. We recommend buying your beer in a supermarket in Agadir, Essaouira or Marrakech before coming to Imsouane. In Imsouane you can only buy beer in Auberge Tasra.


How can we get from the airport to the house?

We provide airport transfers from Agadar - Essaouira- Marrakech. We work with local taxi drivers we know  they drive safely and use correct prices.

The Boardx House does not have any commission on this serivce. It's just a service we offer to make our guests as comfortable as possible.

If you wish to order a airport shuttle, you must send flight details (flight number + hour of arrival) , the number of persons, number of boardbag . 

If you booked airport transfer with us our taxidrivers can make a stop at the supermarkets so you can do shopping for the majority of your stay. For transfer form Marrakech and Agadir this is a free service, for transfers from Essaouira there is a little extra charge because the supermarket is not on the way from the airport to Imsouane

Prices (regular taxi 1-4  persons, single ride):  Agadir airport 55 euro, Marrakech airport 120 euro, Essaouira airport 40 euro.

We supply also minivans, minibuses up to 14 persons. For more information about transfers for big groups email to kristof@boardxhouse.com

Where is the BoardX house located?

Imsouane will be recognized by every GPS system.
Street names in Imsouane are not recognized.
Coordinates of the Boardx house can be found on google maps (Location on google maps)

Do we need a car?

In Imsouane everything is within walking distance of the Boardx house: beach, restaurants, surf shops, ... So you do not really need a car.
If you want to make a trip to Essaouira, Paradise Valley, ... we can always arrange a taxi from the Boardx House to your destination.

Can we get large fees for speeding?

Yes! There are a lot of police checkpoints on the road to Imsouane. Price for speeding is from 300 DH up to 1000 DH. They can also take your drivers license!

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