General questions

What if I need a hospital?

Don’t do crazy things. The nearest hospital is in Agadir, a 90 minutes drive!

Is there an internet connection in the BoardXHouse?

We provide a 3G USB-stick (ask Said). It takes a 200 Dirham activation cost and you can keep them during your stay. It works properly, but can be slow. The nearest cybercafé is at Tamanar, 20 minutes by car.

Is there an ATM in Imsouane?

There is no ATM/cash machine in the village. You will have to bring cash money from a big city or go to the ATM in Tamanar or Tamri. We advise to change your money in bigger cities to enjoy better rates. People from Imsouane will have to travel far to change Euro to Dirham, so they prefer Dirham. Each apartment has a small safe in the bedroom.

Can I buy alcohol in Imsouane?

Everywhere in Morocco alcohol is quiet expensive. We recommend buying your beer in a supermarket in Agadir, Essaouira or Marrakech before coming to Imsouane. In Imsouane you can only buy beer in Auberge Tasra.

Do I need to bring towels and/or bedcovers?

You should bring your own towels to the BoardXHouse. All beds are with quilt and covers.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes we do have a cancellation policy. Up to three months before your trip you get a full refund. Up to 4 weeks before your trip you get a 50% refund and less than 4 weeks before your trip you get no refund.

Can we stay with more than 8 people in one apartment?

No, for insurance and safety reasons we can not allow more than 8 people in one apartment.

Do we have to cook ourselves?

We offer the option to order half board in the BoardXHouse. Our housekeeper will provide a breakfast. A local restaurant will deliver diner. Keep in mind that the food will be typical Moroccan. In Imsouane, you can also visit Tasra (the biggest hostel and the only place that sells alcohol) or Dar Naïma, a very cozy place with really good food.

Are there any supermarkets in the neighbourhood?

There are several very small shops in Imsouane where you can buy local and basic food like fruit, vegetables, bread, water, soft drinks, candy. If you want European brands, you should buy them in a big supermarket in Agadir, Essaouira or Marrakech.

Can I drink water from the tap?

Don’t drink water from the tap. Use bottled water even to make tea. Morocco is a country in lack of water. Please take short showers. The hot water is also limited because we use solar energy.

How is the drugs policy in Morroco?

There is a very strict drug law in Morocco and there are a lot of snitches around. You don’t want to end up in a Moroccan prison!

How about the local culture and mosques?

In the harbor there is a small mosque. Don’t change clothes/wetsuit in front of it.

Do I need an international passport?

To enter Morocco you might need a valid international passport. Check with your local embassy.

How about the weather?

From time to time it might get a bit chilly in winter, so you better bring a warm sweater and trousers for the evenings.

Can we get large fees for speeding?

Yes! There are a lot of police checkpoints on the road to Imsouane. Price for speeding is from 300 DH up to 1000 DH. They can also take your drivers license!

Is it also possible to rent a car?

We work with Rayhane Cars in Agadir. They will bring the car to the airport. If you send your scanned drivers license, all paperwork will be filled out when you arrive. A Dacia Logan is the cheapest 5-door car and costs about 25 Euro/day. Rates at the airport are more expensive. Visit www.rayhanecars.com for more information.

How can we get from the airport to the house?

We can provide a taxi to pick you up at the airport. Price: 50 euros. We advice to bring your own tie-downs and pack your boards very carefully!

Surf related questions

Do I need reefbooties?

On good days the wave is so incredibly long that you will take the walk back to the peak instead of peddling. When tide is coming in, you will have to walk some parts on rocks. So if you’re not used to walking barefoot on rocks, we advise you to bring reefbooties!

Which wetsuit do I need?

In summer you can surf in board shorts, but when the wind picks up, a shorty wetsuit can be a better choice. In winter a 3/2 long suit will do.

Do I need to have my own surfboard and wetsuit?

There are several places where you can rent surfboards and wetsuits in Imsouane. Prices vary from 70 to 100 euro/week. Our housekeeper Said will take you on a tour through Imsouane and show you the different options.
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