The Bay

The first section of The Bay starts in the harbor. It usually only breaks at low tide. You can enter the water from the harbor. Stay as close as possible to the harbor wall, the first 20 meters, the current is very strong! When the waves are bigger some people jump off the reef behind the harbor wall to avoid the current. When the beach is gone with the rising tide and/or big waves you can take the path on the rocks which you don't really see from the water. It's really easy, but some people might better wear reefbooties on those days, except is you're used to walking barefoot.

If the first section is too big, still paddle out from the harbor, but go straight past the peak and paddle down the wave. People fall of all the time and a lot of waves will continue unridden. 

At mid to high tide you have an end section of the wave right in front of the house. It's really suitable for below average surfers. Only at the highest tide the beach might be gone so watch out! You can paddle or again take the path on the rocks. We advise you to surf it from mid to low. It makes it a lot easier to walk back! On hot windy days this is a really good option.

The Bay

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