Surfing life definitely changes once you’re happily married and have 2 (or more) kids. Surf trips become a family affair with hard decisions to make. And let’s be honest… No surfer ever wants to leave half his quiver at home for baby stuff.  

That’s why we (understanding fathers and surfers) at BoardXHouse decided to make it as easy as possible for you; from the moment you arrive at the airport and pick up your Dacia Lodgy with large trunk space.

So here’s a list of baby stuff we offer:

  • 1 x maxi cosy delivered with the taxi at the airport
2 x safe toddler car seat delivered with the taxi at the airport
  • 3 x table high chairs with safety belt
  • 2 x baby or toddler travel bed with mattress
  • 2 x baby bath to use in our big shower
  • 1 x baby inflatable swimming pool
  • 1 x micro wave to heat your baby’s milk bottles
  • 1 x TV with satellite dish for Nickelodeon (and other toddler tv channels)


  • baby car toy
  • some big baby Duplo bricks 
  • children plastic tea cup set

As you can see on the pictures, the 2 top apartments have a huge balcony with full glass railing; allowing your kids to crawl and play around safely inside and out. The total surface of the living room, kitchen and terrace is a 100 square meter playfield. Fun guaranteed!

If your suffering from surfed out, sore shoulders, we might even bring you in contact with a local babysitter who speaks fluently French and English. 

Any hesitations, contact us with all your questions.




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