La Cathédrale

La Cathédrale is another right-hander on the north side of the beach. It needs more swell to break, but it holds quite big. When it's really on, it's a hard paddle out and a natural selection takes place. You might even surf it all alone! 

Paddle out really close to the rocks, the current will suck you out. The wave works best from mid to high tide depending the size. Sometimes really good at low too, but watch out, there are occasional rocks sticking out! This spot has most power and when big some longer hold-downs.

All spots in one map

You can see both bays and the different surf spots. It's the perfect place to check if the surf is up!

The Bay

The Bay starts in the harbor and its waves reach the area in front of the house at mid to high tide.

The Reef

Check out Imsouane's reef view! The Reef is a short lefthander with some shallow parts.

The Beach

The Imsouane beach lies between The Reef and La Cathédral and is surfable at all tides. Check it out!

Other known spots around

Check out all the best surf spots near Imsouane, like Taghazout, Tamri, Tafadna and more!

Surf schools

Take surfing class or rent your surf gear in one of the surf schools nearby: Momo's Surf Shop and Planet Surf Morocco.


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